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Survival PvE Jousting and Pure PvE Heli Beatdown!


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Hey you. Yeah. You over there with the face, come here for a second and pop a squat, lets have a talk.

So here's the scoop kiddo. Wednesday the 31st, AKA tomorrow, there is gonna be two tricked out events taking place on both servers. "What eve-" you say as I cut you off. Just be quiet and listen and i'll tell you fool.

So here is whats happening, this is the dealio. First up at 1800 (6pm EST) head on over to that super cool survival PvE Server for some epic Jousting. Word on the street is that there is a Jousting arena hidden in the expansive deserts of the Survival Server where the top jouster will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. Think you have what it takes? Think you can be the next Champion of the Survival Deserts? Well prove your worth, be there peasant.


"But Scoot, what about the second event???"

Will you relax, I'm getting to it..jeeze...


Right, so the second event. Think, you are cool? Think you are badass? Think you are tougher than Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket? We'll I've surely got the test for you. What if I told you that there would be a Heli Beatdown on Pure PvE following the Jousting event starting at 2000 (8pm EST) How would that make you feel? Yeah, I thought that's how you would feel. So here is the deets: You don't have to bring squat. Everything you could possibly need will be supplied to you. This includes your weapons, armor, clothes, food, ammunition, everything that you would possibly need to bring down hellfire and absolute destruction on those damned helicopters. 


Like all the other events, if for some reason you aren't cool enough to attend, then at least be cool enough to tune into the Twitch stream for the events!! https://www.twitch.tv/scootdoglive

As always..Stay Cool..Stay Classy..Stay Beautiful..

<3 ScootFuck

TL;DR (courtesy of Raybun):

Survival PVE
Wednesday, January 31st
All necessary items will be provided.

Heli Beatdown
Pure PVE
Wednesday, January 31st
All weapons, armor, food, etc. will be provided.

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