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Greetings! :3


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I played on this server once, quite some time ago, got lost for a bit and then found my way back! I am excited to see that Rust is finally in full release and to see the community bolstered! ^^ I like to go around on the server and introduce myself as "Dynasty the Bard", wherein I will then serenade you and bid you good - sometimes for the price of one single stone or wood lol.

I am 26 and from Canada, you can call me: Strange, Dynasty, Strange Dynasty, or Tom if it suits you! I use they/them pronouns (but understand if one should use he). I stream four days a week, usually some variety of horror, adventure, multiplayer/co-op, indie games. I've been bad at uploading on YouTube but, meh -wavy hand motion-, YouTube isn't the greatest platform right now. My favorite games are usually: Rust, Minecraft, Staxel, Thief (series, old games), Skyrim, Outlast, Gorogoa, SOMA, Amnesia (series), Mass Effect (series), Silent Hill, The Cat Lady, Half Life (series), Bioshock, and Stellaris!

I'm friendly and all about helping out!

Cheers! ♥

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