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Valentine's Day Event Pure


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Valentine's Day Event

Hello friends! It's that time of the year, the best holiday ever and my favorite-Valentine's Day. 

Event: Give a friend or crush a note!
When: Now-Wed. Feb. 14, @ 11:59
Where: Map: top left corner of M21 on RustEZ Pure
More info
 I have set up an area at M21 on Pure for players to come and buy 1 Notes for 1 Wood. Players are able to leave a note for another player in the mailboxes provided. There are many mailboxes, so don't worry about sending more than one. You will be able to send notes until Feb 14th at 11:59. Once these notes are places into the mailboxes they will be delivered to the intended player on Valentine's Day. You can send a friendly letter, a love letter, or just something that's been on your mind. This can be anonymous or not, but you must put the name of the person this is going to. This way, I know where the letter is going and your letter will be delivered with care. Please do not write anything profane or something that would deem as harassment. The letters will not be read, just glanced at for profanity. To the left mailbox's there are multiple drop boxes for each individual admin that has been on Pure. Death, CrispyKream, Jennykins, Alycat, ScootDog, Raybun, and Unicron. Unicron is no longer an admin with us do to personal reasons, but I decided to include him as this would be his send off. So, if you have something positive to say to him or to any of the admins, here is your chance! There may even be a party at the end of the night, depending on how busy everyone is on the holiday. <3



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