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Define ZOMB:

Genuine rusty fan with perks. May tend to roam rusty utopia's in search of blissful subsistence. Well tempered but can turn aggressive if provoked. Overall, an optimistic idealist at heart.

Sooo, I've been playing Rust for about 2mths. Favorite game so far. I stumbled upon this server and got really attached to the players and the awesome owners and admins. One of the best servers I've been on. I've been gaming for quite a few years. I mostly played on PS4 but found alot more variety on steam as far as games go. My name is based on my love of zombie game genres as well as a huge fan of Rob Zombie. Industrial metal fan at heart. I've been on leave from work due to a few disturbing events last year(family passing away and work issues). So now I have too much time on my hands right now. lol! I love games where I can build and construct natural wonders (I hope) but also survive apocalyptic events lol. I am also a native artist with a love of painting and creating. I love meeting new people and making new rusty friends. Will highly recommend this community to my steam friends in hopes they enjoy it and love it as much as I do.


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