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Hello from the 757


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Not one for introductions on forums, but since I joined the ranks of the RustEZ community thought I should.  Been playing rust for roughly a year, casually might I say. Im not into the PvP/Raiding of the game but will try it once in awhile. I found my self respawing more than anything when on official or other servers. Stumbled across The Survival server first and then the Pure server and havent left.  On a personal level, I have been playing video games for a while and converted to PC...and enjoy it....some of you could probably call me dad..lol..but in order to chill with my kids, we gotta do what they like to do....they are also apart of the RustEZ community . I usually run a local server for us to play on but I now allow them to play here. The Toxicity is nonexistant and everyone is very helpful.  A retired 22 year Navy vet as well as an IT professional.  My user name comes from the love of taking photos, and we are also Behind the Shadows and in the 757 area code.    

If you run into crash0326 or Realspire656 or myself we are all family. 

Keep up the great work guys and gals. 

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