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Recycle Bug


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Hey Death / All,


So noticed there might be a bug or something with the /rec Vs. Recycler yield.
On Survival, I just recycled 1 sheet metal in a static monument recycler, and it gave me 100metal frags, 1 HQM and 8 scrap, whereas if I do the same thing with /rec it only gives 4scrap, 21 metal frags and 1 HQM.
Also noticed this with tarps, if I recylcer a tarp, it gives me 100 cloth, /rec only gives something like 21?

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I have also noticed this using Propane Tanks and similar items as test items.  The yield for the pocket recycler on some things is really low when compared to the deployed physical recycler.  Sometimes the scrap yield is a little higher, but over all it operates at a significant loss over all.  In a game where grinding resources is a requirement to do anything, this really sucks.

While I understand the benefits to having the /REC command, it has to have the same and equal functionality as an actual recycler to be a proper full replacement.

As of yesterday, VIP players on Pure are being forced to use the /REC command unless they have already had a recycler deployed and are effectively grandfathered in.  This is already souring the playership on Pure between those who want a physical recycler to share locally and those who have seen the poor performance of the /REC command.

I believe /REC needs more testing and tuning before it is forced on the VIP playership as the only option.

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