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PSA: Recyclers


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It's been much debate on whether or not to fully migrate away from physical recyclers and instead use portable recyclers as one of the VIP perks. Since we strongly feel that portable recyclers will benefit the player more, and free up a lot of our admins time we have decided to do just that. Many players have expressed their feelings about this change and some would much rather the physical recycler, and because of this, we've decided to issue $5.00 of account credit to all current VIP members to either purchase their own physical recycler or buy anything of their choice on the store.

This credit has already been applied and can be used at any time. We appreciate your understanding and hope you find this new feature as exciting as we do!


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I appreciate this as a way to appease those who who are having significant issues with the VIP recycler change.  I will happily use my credit for a physical recycler.

IF I get bored, I'll probably take some time to do some comparative tests if it helps with the tuning of the pocket recycler (/REC).

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Hey I think this is a great idea, love the new portable recycler but sadly it yields a bit less than regular which makes me favour the regular one. I'll give some examples of the differences in yields between normal (first) and portable (second)

Metal pipe:     5 scrap 1 HQM                         | 3 scrap 1 HQM
Rope:              15 cloth                                      | 4 cloth
Sewing Kit:     10 cloth 2 rope                         | 3 cloth 1 rope
Road sign:      5 scrap 1 HQM                         | 3 scrap 1 HQM
Sheet metal:  8 scrap 1 HQM 100 Frags       | 4 scrap 1 HQM 21 Frags
Metal Spring: 10 scrap 1 HQM                       | 6 scrap 1 HQM
Metal Blade:   2 scrap 15 Frags                     |2 Scrap 4 Frags
Propane tank: 1 scrap 50 frags                     |1 scrap 11 Frags
Semi Body:      15 scrap 2 HQM 75 Frags    | 6 Scrap 1 HQM 16 Frags 

As we can see from this data the portable recycler has an extremely inferior return. nonetheless it is a great perk for early roaming or when you have a full backpack. I appreciate the $5 store credit so we can still buy our place-able recyclers! Thanks death :)

P.s. sorry for poor formatting

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