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Flib and Sgt.Comb


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2018-03-19-023825.normal.thumb.png.751b92b1d8d3c5892555cbe701e8f23e.pngBanned for Racism

76561198084204613 Sgt.Combustable

76561198047865301 fliberdygibits


Sgt.Combustable: Who wants to hear a racist joke?
Red_The_Saviour: me xD
slack: O.o
Kadokin: dooo eet
Sgt.Combustable: Why can't black people get a good education?
Red_The_Saviour: i love dark humor
fliberdygibits: I'm easy:)
Red_The_Saviour: why ?
Sgt.Combustable: They can't get past their masters.
slack: lol......
Red_The_Saviour: HAHHAHAAHHA
slack: i feel bad for laughing
fliberdygibits: very nice
Ashtrayhed: wb Drathir
Drathir: O.o
fliberdygibits: I have more chests than I know what to do with. Could I start a chest space rental?
Sgt.Combustable: What is a mexican man's equivalent to college.
Red_The_Saviour: what ?
Sgt.Combustable: Lawn care for dummies.
Red_The_Saviour: i dont get it :?
fliberdygibits: Ok.... this one is terrible but here goes
Sgt.Combustable: Cuz their poor
Ashtrayhed: wb tHeX
fliberdygibits: Know another word for Cacoon?
Drathir: Wow I didn't log in at night time for once lol
Red_The_Saviour: okay :/
fliberdygibits: N-Nigger
fliberdygibits: ahh, won't even let me say it
fliberdygibits: N- Ni gg er


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I do not speak for my fellow Admins or the Owner of the servers, but I personally do appreciate that you stopped by to apologize.  I think that most of us are familiar with the colorful language generally used on many Rust servers and what is allowed to happen on those servers is often disregarded or ignored, ergo crude behavior becomes the expectation or the norm.

Thank you for your apology Matt.  Sometimes we people do dumb things and there really isn't an excuse.  Understanding that and apologizing is the first step to fixing the behavior.


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I'd give real cash money to know WHY I did that but it's agreed, it was dumb.  This seems to be a server populated with really great to be around people, admins, players, the lot.  I honestly wouldn't mind not being able to play again ......as much..... as I would mind having THIS be the one thing I was known for among an awesome group like this.



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  • Staff

@Sgt.Combustable We encourage you to write an appeal here or in its own thread as we feel everyone deserves a second chance. 

@fliberdygibits We have a zero tolerance for derogatory remarks but that aside we feel you've earned a second chance at being active and helpful. With that being said we first would like for you to create an appeal either here or in its own topic apologizing for such uncalled for behavior. In addition we will continue your chat ban for an excess of 3 days from the date of your appeal to ensure fair punishment.

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I am normally a very quiet, calm and carefully spoken individual with a great deal of concern for how people perceive me.  I DON'T care for PVP in any game because it seems to me it's just digital reflection of an ugliness we've already got too much of in the real world.  So I searched for servers that seemed in sync with my line of thinking and I Found this one.  You all seem to be.....thoughtful and considerate human beings of a like mind which is why it pains me so that for whatever reason I stepped out of character and said  what I did.   To anyone I offended or insulted you have my heartfelt apologies.  To the admins,  Death,  THex, any others who may have had some part.  I get why rules like this are in place and the need to enforce them.  Depending on the context I know enforcement isn't always easy.  That said I hope my behavior didn't put a dim spot on what I'm sure is an underpaid labor of love:)

The time I spent here was a joy, everyone keep having fun:)

Matthew ZS

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