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BASE Jumping Blackjack Event


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Join us on Survival tonight for a last minute event!

Brought to you by Trifeel and Thex

Event Rules:

Please BE NAKED or wearing clothes you dont mind losing!

Platform will be opened up for players to jump from in the sky. There is a target near the water that will score them points depending where their body lands. First player to 21 points EXACTLY will win, each subsequent player to 21 will take 2nd and 3rd place.

Please set a home on the foundation of the platform to enable your ability to rejump. Please confirm that your previous score has been checked before jumping again. We will be in discord and in-game chat!

Please go through the ring in the sky on your way to the target.

Points are as follows:

Spinning disc=Bullseye 10 points

Body center point (your waist) will determine point scoring.

1st place: $10 RustEZ Store Credit
2nd place: $5 RustEZ Store Credit
3rd place: 5 Supply drops

These rewards are redeemable next wipe!

All participants will receive a supply drop for having fun tonight!





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