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In Loveing Memeory of ScootDog


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In the last month there has been a few changes in the RustEZ Pure server. ScootDog has stepped down from being an admin and as a tradition I like to celebrate the admin by giving them an appropriate send off. I have created a memorial for @ScootDog at P18. This is a place where you can gather and remember Scoot with stories or leave a message for him in one of the mailboxes. This monument will be up all month. 


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I'm smiling ear to ear right now. From the bottom of my heart thank you. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to get to know each and every one of you wonderful individuals during my stay as an admin. I enjoyed every moment of it - from breaking walls, to helping new and veteran players alike, server events, killing choppers and brad and all the other antics we would get into. RustEZ is a special place. It will always be more to me than another rust server. RustEZ is a community, in every sense of the word. People there look out for each other, make friendships, hangout, and most importantly have fun. If it wasn't for RustEZ there are a couple people I would have not otherwise met that I now consider to be some of my closest friends. 
Stay beautiful RustEZ, stay beautiful.

Thank You all <3 

The Worlds Most Okayest Ex-Admin,

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I'm saddened by ScootDogs departure, as I always looked up to him as a mentor and friend in the RustEZ community. Always there with a helping hand and a big hammer to get things straight!

Although my time in game is limited as of late I can honestly say you will be missed by a boatload of peeps in the Rustez community.

Cheers scoot!!, you are always number 1 in my books:(

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To my Rust twin, I hope this isn't goodbye. Please play on the server and hang with your friends even if you aren't able to be admin. Thank you for helping me with impossible builds and training me on how to bring down the heli my brother. <3



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