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Survival Loot Rework


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Recently I've been putting a lot of work into redoing loot tables to make certain items less grindy but also give farming a better sense of accomplishment. Now, before you continue reading, note that we are not multiplying loot, but will be adding additional loot to containers to add more variety and further depth to loot containers.

Want to contribute?
Throw your feedback below with items you want to see dropped from a specific source (I'll provide the sources) and how often it should drop. (1-100% chance)

Elite Crates
Medical Crates
Food Crates
Bradley Loot
Heli Loot
Supply Drop
Supply Signal

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Barrels: They are good as is except for the spring drop rate i think it would be nice if springs dropped more frequently, being just in par with gears.
Medical Crates: More medical supplies, I usually just find a bandage and nothing more. It would be nice to have a decent amount of meds.
Bradley Loot: More high end gear, not only doors and pistols, maybe more tech/trash, I would also make rockets drop somewhat on 1/50 or so *makes sense since Bradley uses heavy ammo.
Heli Loot: Same as Bradley.
Supply Signal: Reduce the double barrel shotgun drop rate.
Scientists: Drop, with a rate of 1 in every 25 or so some tech trash *seems logic since they are scientists, also ammo, not much tho.
NPCs: Good as they are but it would be nice that they dropped more food, water or meds *just as a player would have by scavenging. Would be nice if some dropped food/meds/water, others ammo and gunpowder, others scavenge materials such as pipes, tarps, etc...

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