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August Forced Wipe


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The wipe will take place at 4:30 pm EST on August 3, 2017, with Pure PvE being the first affected server following in this order Pure, Survival and Hybrid. All inventories will be carried over as long as the items they wish to carry over are in their inventory before 3:00 pm EST on August 3, 2017.

There will be day long events for all players starting at 12:00 pm including zombies, decay and starting at 3:00 pm helicopter and tank events where players can opt into controlling either entity to destroy buildings and or other entities.

If you want to support RustEZ simply be online after the wipe!

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quick question.

I'm currently all packed and hiding in a bunker to avoid getting killed in the events that start before the inventory snapshots.  If by some freak accident I end up dead I am assuming I lose all my stuff correct?

Just so the public knows on Pure behind the police station across from the family friendly shop is a public bunker made of plate, encased in stone.  Hop on discord to get the code to get inside.

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Oh, I see I have been allocated the "all=nighter"!  

With regard to the fun, frivolity and dare I say, shenanigans, that will ensue pre-wipe, (and I speak of pure and survival servers here), is raiding allowed as per standard pvp in that others can force their way into bases, or must they not attempt entry on any locked base?  Also, decay will not affect stone and above correct?   As we have quite a few new players on pure especially, I thought clarification might be good, that and  I just want to be sure the frilly knickers I have all packed up will make their way to the other side ;)



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