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Blazin Serpent

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We apparently need more clarification of rules of server.. I looked and can't find it.

However, this stems from another player stealing loot from a Bradley he didn't kill today.
Then resorts to calling others many names cause he was called out on it.

As i understand, looting something you didn't kill like Brad/Heli/Chinook is considered griefing.
Sad part is I would've given him loot after I looked at it, as I've done MANY times.

However, this person seems to think he has inherent rights cause A) He died to Brad  B) Its a PVE server and the rule is to share loot C) the server motto is 'Don't be greedy'
Plus after I called him out on thieving in game chat, I am the "Dick" "Asshole" "Sweaty Preteen" and I forget what else.

However he fails to see any problem in his actions (of course).

I don't have issues w/ many ppl but a thief I will not stand for!

Please make rules known to avoid issues like this in future.

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Loot stealing/sharing/distribution/entitlement etc... is the single largest cause of strife on the server. 

Fairly frequently Cargo Plane's, Heli's, or with Bradley there seems to be some sort of preemptive claim to loot or some sort of issue with disbursement of loot. This has been discussed in Discord, but I've yet to see it make it's way into any published source. I.E. Server description or forum sticky. It seems like it should be a fairly basic thing however, it is not. It's led to many server community issues and led to more than a few players no longer engaging in group activities or even bothering with the above mentioned events. It also beings in game chat and bleeds over to Discord when there's no clear way to resolve the conflict. 

Sticky Forum post or server rules... Add to server description loot sharing/disbursement. It's at least a start and people can't claim ignorance as a defense. 


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