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Boat Race on Survival


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Survival Boat Race!!!!

We have a little event planned for you all tonight on Survival.

Where: Trifeel's Boat Race (ask for a teleport in chat)

When: 930 PM EST 4-20-2018

Loot?: The winner of each race will get a supply signal. races will be a single lap around the track with competitors, first one past the finish wins

Basic Rules:
1.NO destroying other players boats.
2.NO excess shoving of opponents while racing.
3.No weapons equipped while boating, just to be safe
4.Please be patient while we organize as we will not be running everyone all at once... we dont need flipped boats
5.if you lose control of your boat and it flips over, please jump out and get it right side up and sit patiently.

Rewards will be a loot signal for each winner of each lap.

Hope to see you there for this quick little event!!!!

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