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Potential for a lightly modded PvPvE server?


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Hi there! I've been playing on a couple of your servers the past week and would like to offer some feedback, suggestions, and an offer of sorts. I really like that you offer multiple servers to appeal to several demographics. The survival server has all the best mods and some you maybe never even knew existed, the pure vanilla pve server is obviously doing well and the PvPvE server is also great, but I find myself as a casual PvPer longing for the Qol improvements that come with certain mods. I've been spoiled by lights that don't burn fuel, 4x stack sizes, and most of all the skinbox mod which adds a ton of variety and flavor to the world. I was thinking that you might be open to lightly modding the PvP server, or more ideally, would you be interested in hosting a separate *lightly* modded PvPvE server? I know that I'm basically a stranger to the community as of this post, but I've been a dedicated Rust player since the beginning. I have run my own dedicated servers periodically for creative purposes and helped others manage their servers. I'm familiar with the nature and complexity of Rust server hosting, oxide, and running a well-knit non-toxic community. I've logged over 1k hours in legacy rust and a little over 2k in the latest and greatest Rust. I work from home on my computer, as does my wife so I am available almost anytime throughout the day. All of that being said, I'd like to offer to run this hypothetical server myself. I could host the server myself from my machine, or work remotely with the structure that is in place. Regardless, I will continue to play on the RustEZ servers meanwhile and give folks a chance to get to know me and if at some point in time this becomes something of interest, you'll have at least one potential server admin secured to help make it happen. Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for hosting some of the best Rust servers. See you in there!

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There's already plans to expand on casual with a modded variant but we're simply waiting for the community to grow before we divide it between two servers. We also had a pvp variant of survival but it grew pretty toxic so we had to discontinue it. We value community over all else and will not stand to jeopardize it in any way.

Additionally, we plan to relaunch our vanilla PvP server in the near-future following the Creative server which is still in the works. Give us time and we shall deliver, just let us pace ourselves so we spread our community in a healthy manner and prevent underpopulation during expansion. 

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