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Spectacular Boardgame Madness


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 Spectacular Boardgame Madness

Join us on Survival Sunday May 20th at 8:00PM EST

Brought to you by Survival Event Coordinator

Event Rules

   1) Eight players maximum per round, sign up below.

   2) Games will last 1 Hour, after that the next eight queued in the comments here will people added.

   3) Duplicate entries will be void.

   4) Game rules will be listed at event and over voice. Admin(s) will have final say on changes to official rules provided.

   5) Stay out of the water, you will be disqualified.

Event arena will open a few moments prior to start for settling down purposes and break down of rules/expectations.

Prizes   (Each round will have a new winner.)

   Winner:  $5 store credit & (10,000) Caps

   Participants: (2) Personal Supply Drops & (500) Caps


Please come with an empty inventory and empty backpack, clothing and hot bar items are allowed.

Food and drink provided as well as a viewing area to watch the game progress and cheer on your fellows.



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