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After a lot of personal debate, I've decided to revoke twig decay entirely and instead have adjusted inactive decay from 14 days to 10 days. This change is to stay true to our no decay policy which is something I'm proud to offer. Avoiding inactive decay is as easy as logging in once every 10 days.

If you're basing with another player who has or is about to go inactive we encourage you to motivate the said friend to log on periodically to avoid this or build your own base to avoid the problem entirely. For servers that support /friend if the base owner friends an active player that too will bypass inactive decay. If you're unsure if your server supports the friend system feel free to ask an admin.

We know inactive decay may work against you at some point which is why we will soon offer a per-wipe basis bypass store purchase in the event you need time away and would rather your base not be removed. Other opt-in options will also be considered, in the meantime if you feel you will not be able to make it back within the specified threshold please make a ticket (https://www.rustez.com/help) and we'll make a special exception until further development is made with our bypass service.

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