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BP Wipe #2


Monthly BP wipes  

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  1. 1. Should we wipe BPs monthly again?

    • Yes
    • No

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It's that time again to gauge the community to see what everyone's thought is on doing monthly BP wipes given there are no longer weekly updates. The goal of wiping BPs monthly is to give active players more to do other than building and eventually getting burned out very quickly. We've had much success before wiping BPs monthly and would like to get that cycle going again. We encourage you to also leave a brief comment below explaining why you chose what you did, thanks!

No more weekly updates, the game gets stale, wiping BPs monthly would help remedy player activity

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I first thought no, but then thinking back how at the start of the wipe there are always about 25-30 people online, and the last couple weeks I am lucky to see about 10-15 on. So a monthly wipe might be best. Is there a way to increase drop rates or anything for some BPs? One of the biggest pains is finally just getting everything you want and then it getting deleted.

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I feel that servers are more populated when BP's wipe. Keeping the fact that it is summer in mind, this server is about community and is most fun when returning players are seen through out the whole wipe. Nothing is more excited than BP wipe day and seeing everyone online again.

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