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Zombie Survival server


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New RustEZ Server Idea - Zombie Survival


Whilst having a conversation about end of wipe events; We discussed Zombie servers.

The idea is the be close to that of the Terminus server. There is no crafting, supplies and materials can only be found in barrels/boxes/airdrops. Meteor mod would work excellently here as well. 

Main details;

-Crafting disabled. - You have to scavenge for barrels/boxes to find base parts, guns, armor, materials, etc
-Node gathering disabled. - In order to correct the scavenging system, Tree/ore node gathering would be disabled.
-Zoned PvP. - Monuments and world drops would be PvP enabled, making the effect of gathering your supplies that much more difficult
-Rarer vehicle spawns - Self explanatory, better than everyone cruising around avoiding zombies.
-Permanent foggy days - Adds a sense of atmosphere.

-No base decay - Scavenging for base parts would make it kind of pointless because the gathering would be off

Debated additions;

-Vip airdrops, Yes or No. 
    -Reasoning being that VIP's could easily take away the challenge from other non VIP's by being able to easily gain an upperhand. Possible balances could be that personal drops are also PvP zoned.

                -Should VIP Airdrops, Gun purchases, and Mass drop be disabled? - Strawpoll

Have any suggestions to make this idea better? leave a comment below!

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I love this idea. I would vote no to vip airdrops tho, but what would happen if someone bought airdrops, guns and such from the website. Could the admins be able to block that if needed just for this server. I don't know how that would work out but I'm would totally play it. Almost like living in a Walking Dead episode

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