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A much delayed hello


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Hey everyone! Just realized I never made a formal intro thread. I love forums so I have no idea why this has taken me so long.

Anyway, I'm MadMaeMarch, I usually play on pure. I'm always looking for awesome people to co-op build with, I even did a full "Communal Living" apartment complex a few wipes back and may do it again this one, so feel free to let me know if that's something you'd be interested in seeing. 

All that being said, trying to talk to me in game is sometimes like talking to a wall, and I do appologize for that. I'm a single mum -not single really, I have a wonderful and supportive boyfriend now, but that being said it's just been my kiddo and I on our own for the last 8 ish years, so it's difficult getting used to having another responsible adult in the house, lol- so I frequently play with my mic off and the volume up just loud enough to hear the heli when it's around so I don't get blown off the map, and I frequently miss things in chat because I am ADHD, emphasis on the H, to the extreme and suck at paying attention. Despite my comunication fails, I'm actually super friendly, always happy to help or work with others, and absolutely in love with this game and especially with this server. 

Hope to see you all in the game!



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