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Loosing Skins


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I had bought 70-80 skins and now I have lost a  large majority  of them and I had just bought them. 

Mostly my large wooden crates for sorting and building categories to make it easy to find my stuff. It took find buy, then to unpack and skin all my crates. I mean hours then clothes and guns. So of my thirty crates or so at my base nearly half maybe more are back to plain boxes.

If the skins won't last I fail to see why anyone would bother? I bought these skins just last week or so and more than half  the skins in my library seem to be gone. Some that are gone in my library I still see. Like a cool  glass sheet metal door on my boat house we still there days after and may still be there but I wanted to make more and it was gone.


But then my crates just reverted back wood and that was the most important to me. I am not sure there is a direct correlation between which crates reverted and which skins disappeared. I have my favorite american flag shirt skin disappear, I had a few miners helmet skins, I failed to log out and died when I went to rebuild my outfit nearly all my skins are gone. 

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  • Staff

The only reason you'd lose a skin is if it was changed or completely removed from the workshop. The skin shop is acting strange and not loading all the skins, which also effects them on your owned skin list. Skins that fall off this way will still remain owned just will not show until it's addressed.

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