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July Wipe (Events)


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Build to your hearts intent with unlimited resources, no clip, and no stability during our free-build pre-wipe event starting at 10:00 am on July 5th which will carry on until the forced wipe. Since we're on monthly updates an exact time for the update/wipe is unknown.

Since this event remained kneck and kneck with our purge event we're doing a compromise and instead will be doing the zombies in addition to the creative event. There will be no PvP but will be zombies and scientists roaming in hordes around the map you can hunt.

Not interested?
Casual will be fulfilling the Zombie Purge event starting at the same time as our Creative Event on Pure and Survival, check it out if you'd prefer to do that.

Participating Servers

  • RustEZ Pure (Starts 10:00 am EST)
  • RustEZ Survival (Starts 10:00 am EST)
  • RustEZ Casual (Casual is not participating)

All players will have access to the following features until wipe:

  • Spawn Menu
  • Noclip
  • Ent kill
  • Admin rotate
  • No stability

Spawn Menu
1) Hit F1 on your keyboard
2) Click the items tab at the top
3) Click an item to spawn it

1) Type /noclip in chat
2) Type noclip in console
3) Bind to a key

bind n noclip

Ent Kill
1) Type ent kill in console
2) Bind to a key

bind x entkill

1) Hit F1 on your keyboard
2) Type god true or god 1

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