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Attacked by Heli inside at base working on making my lights


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It blew my base to hell and my repair table and my research table and killed me. What that really set me back. I was never attacked indoors like that before. What is the deal? 


I was killed the other day lost my scrap and two of my smoke grenades and my good jackhammer. This keeps setting me back am I not safe in my house? I did not even know it was outside until half my base was gone.  Is it a new way of aggressiveness?  I am getting a little worn out on the setbacks this wipe.  Man that is a lot of resources just blown away.  Murf saw it happen holy cow.

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The helicopter will target you anywhere as long as it can see you. If it attacked you inside your base it either had you aggroed from before you entered, or you were at one point standing in front of a window and it saw you. The helicopter has not been changed in over a year, he's up to his same old antics.

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Weird I was inside the whole time and I was in the middle house even, I guess if the heli was low enough it could see me through a window. I been lucky I guess, it really took me to school. I will design with that in mind now. Brings up a question does the reinforced glass windows that look tinted protect you from being seen? 

I had thought inside was safety useless  there was aggro already on you as you said. Live and learn it been costly this time around between that and bouncing out and dieing 


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hey king, the glass windows are just like a wall; the heli can't see you through those so make it a priority to place those asap. closed shudders work with any of the window bars but no window bar with a closed shudder doesnt work, which makes no sense.

one time MeowfulMint and i were sitting in the top floor of her store. all her windows had no bars but had closed shudders; the heli did not fire on us but it orbited her store until the timer was up.

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