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Come Play Combat Tanks on Survival! July 17th 7pm est


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Just like the Atari 2600 combat game two players will face off in a specially designed course to challenge players in close quarter combat while behind the column of a Bradley APC.

The first player to kill their opponent wins and is treated to fabulous prizes and an overall enjoyable experience.

Players will verse one opponent at a time to determine the winner. Once all players have gone, winners of each round will then fight in a battle of elimination to determine the ultimate of ultimates.

Don't worry if you lose I have a special event planned for you.

Participants will receive 1 supply signal
Bracket Winners $10 EZ store credit
Elimination Winner $15 EZ store credit

please please play with me.




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Congrats to our winners !

xX_D3m0n_Xx  ($15 store credit)

Elegant Ka0s  ($10 store credit)

Skipping ($10 store credit)

Thank everyone for participating and just spectating too!


Without you we can't have events ❤️



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This was extremely fun to watch! My only suggestion is to either make the observation deck higher and in the center, or to make it wrap all the way around the arena. That way more of the play area is visible to spectators. 

Thanks for putting this event on!

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