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Cars on Casual PvE?


Cars on Casual PvE?  

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  1. 1. Do you want cars on the Casual PvE server?

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Do you want to cut your travel time from one side of the map to the other in half? A car would do just that!

This is something I've been considering for a while. I had originally said no, but with the addition of boats the original reason behind my saying no was already having to be handled. So, after confirming that my fellow admins on Casual would be ok with this change, I decided to bring it forward to the Casual PvE community. This would be a big change to the game, and I want your opinions on it.

The cars would be modified to avoid them being too overpowered. The modifications are the same as what's on Pure for several months. The following modifications/statements should be taken into consideration before casting your vote:

  • They would have health and take damage as they are driven off roads or bumped into objects/rocks. They are able to be repaired with scrap.
  • They do not cause damage upon collision with another player/animal/thing, nor do they protect the player driving them from taking damage.
  • They do not run on fuel, though if Death were to find a way to do so I would welcome this as a further means of balancing the cars for Casual.
  • The cars would spawn naturally at gas stations and supermarkets.
  • When a player enters a car that hasn't been entered before, a key spawns in their inventory. This key allows the player to drive the car and prevents auto-theft. Keys only work for the car they were created for.
  • Cars would need to be stored in a garage or under a ceiling, like boats.
  • They have a trunk that is able to have a codelock on it, for extra storage.
  • Cars can't drive through buildings, but they won't damage them either.

And now to address the possible rule-breaking that could ensue with the addition of the cars, and to hopefully ease any worries out there about this change.

  • Griefing with a car will result in the car being deleted. Further action will differ from situation to situation.
  • Boosting off of a car would be treated like boosting off of a boat; a ban to the raider.
  • Any sort of glitching with the car to obtain entry into someone's base would also result in a ban.

Feel free to ask questions below and post your arguments for and against the change.

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