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I figured it's about time I say hi.

My name is Jordan, Jord for short, I'm 34 years old and live in Montreal, Canada. I'm a former bar General Manager and after 15+ years in the bar business, I decided to retire from it and have been looking into finding a new career. Wanting to change my lifestyle and get healthier, it was the choice I had to make, that business will kill you. Been working on staying as sober as possible and get back to a healthy eating and sleeping pattern for the past couple months. Needless to say, gaming has been a good outlet for me these days. Keeps me home and away from bars. Anyways, enough of that. 

 My buddy Mustang and I have joined the RustEZ community about 1 month ago or so, starting off on pure and moved to scourge. It is by far the best community I have seen in a long time and I don't just mean in Rust. It's refreshing to find such nice people, in such a toxic world we live in these days. I can see myself sticking around for a long time. Hmm what else. I spend a good part of my time in game sniping zombies from my tower, messing around or trying to find new building techniques. I'll post a couple pics of my building shenanigans soon. See you in game!





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