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Greetings o/


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Though I might as well post here as I believe I'm here to stay for a good while.

I'm a 20 year old norwegian boy trying to find whatever job possible atm. At school I studied everything I needed to know to become a electrician, but sadly there are big competition for jobs after school so I didn't get one. Now I just send around job applications and play video games mostly. As a person I would say that I enjoy being useful when I can and I am fairly calm and polite most of the times, as I get to know people more though I can joke around more and show a little more attitude. Also my limit for humor is almost non-existent, but I know what is taking it too far and what's acceptable. Hope to get to know you guys and see you in-game ;D


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Just now, Aylo_98kr said:

Oh yeah, should've probably mentioned that as well 😛 I currently play on the UK Scourge server and been playing almost everyday since last week

Ah, so a fellow Brit! Nice!

I currently play on UK Survival, though I'm curious to give the other Servers a try, see how I like them!

Nice to meet you!

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