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In addition to a complete recode of the store, I've also made an entirely custom item handler to address network-related bugs introduced this month and to improve the overall performance of the store. You will also see many changes to how items are delivered and announced. You'll see all these changes below!

Pumpjacks and Recyclers are no longer permanent and will need to be purchased every wipe. This change is to completely automate the delivery of all store items which has deprecated the old requests system. The prices have been significantly reduced to accommodate these changes. You can request a full refund into account credit to be used on future store purchases if you purchased either of these items before these changes were committed. You may request a refund in #help .

New Item

Don't let the product picture fool you, because it should. I ran out of energy to try to render out the actual prefabs model. For now, appreciate what you got!

Bug Fixes

  1. The store now gives out the right pumpjack entity.
  2. Recycler, pumpjack, water well, windmill and hobo barrels can now be picked up using salvaged hammer instead of disappearing into the abyss.
  3. Recycler, pumpjack, water well, windmill and hobo barrels now give the appropriate quantity instead of just one.
  4. Fixed NRE on stacking when store delivered more than one of the same item.
  5. You once again get your own supply signal when you purchase an air raid.
  6. Unknown wire-type disconnect fixed. (Was caused by multiple givealls being fired simultaneously)
  7. Issues with Mass Drop, Pookie Raid, and Mass Gift have been resolved and are now back in stock on the store.
  8. Fixed pumpjack item icon.
  9. Recycler now places as a large chest for better size comparison.
  10. Windmills and pumpjacks can now only be placed on the ground.
  11. Adding funds to your wallet no longer triggers a mass gift. (Don't ask)

New Features

  1. Events now give a 30-second warning to players.
  2. If you purchase an event you will now see how many players received your goodwill in chat.
  3. Detailed chat messages now specify what items you received and from who.
  4. Inventory checks implemented to prevent store tasks from being triggered on a full inventory.
  5. Improved how the server creates and gives items for better performance.

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