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Tronic In The House


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Hi everyone! this is Tronic from sweden. I joined EZ because is very well organized and safe environment to all nationalities and awesome admins :)

Before i started playing Rust , i was in the counterstrike world  from 2001 till 2015. I  owned a big Community for 9 years till i retired from this game.

I love survival  PVE games i stucked on "H1Z1" (Just Survive) for 3 years and now here i am stucked on Rust :D my daughter🙎‍♀️ and my son zack 🙍‍♂️ plays here aswell.

I just want to thank the owner for this great community you built for everyone and for the awesome admins you  have in here.

Keep Up The Good Work .



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13 hours ago, tribrats said:

Welcome! Nice to see another family that plays together. I play with my girls mostly on Pure.

It is  nice  playing online games with the kids specially when you play  online games with your oldest whos is in the 20's  and the youngest whos under 10 years old lol

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