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Scourge Update


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Recently we've been battling some pretty serious issues from prefab errors, RPC disconnects and some entities not allowing interactions so today I spent the majority of my morning going through all the errors and destroying any entity that returned the wrong prefab ID. Because of this, all recyclers, pumpjacks, cave lifts, and puzzle switches/doors have been removed.

I went around and manually respawned most, if not all, monument recyclers and pumpjacks while also adding them to monuments where they do not belong to help out noobs. If there are any missing or in the wrong location let me know so I can address it. Also, if you come across a cave exit with no lift let me know so I can respawn it.

Bandit town shops are now fixed, recyclers are once again interactable as well as industrial doors. I am not concerned with the remaining prefab errors as it'd cause more harm than good trying to resolve. Everything is in working and stable condition as we slowly limb to wipe day.

If you're missing a pumpjack or recycler drop me a ticket here: https://www.rustez.com/help and I'll get it sorted ASAP.

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