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2 Suggestions for the Website Store

Death #2

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  1. Store could do with a Gift button so you can Purchase Items for your Friend like: VIP
  2. Could Add EUR, RUB, GBP and all the other Currencies that you think people use to the a list on the site so people can tell the Price for the item in their own Currancy.

This is just my [Opinion]


[Dont mind the Shit Spelling and Random Caps just a Habit of mine]

Friendly Neighbourhood DEATH #2

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Sorry to comment on an old thread, but I wanted to potentially expand further on this idea.

Gift cards are a great implementation to help resolve this issue, but I feel it takes away some of the personalization and feel of some gifts.

What I mean by that is the following (as an example): You are playing with a friend, and they are relatively new, and ask 'is there a way to get lots of fuel really fast?'. They get a little downcast knowing they have to either buy a pumpjack or use a public monument, so you decide to lift their spirits with a gift. The current solution is to send them a gift card, to which they would then need to open up their browser and figure out how to redeem and check out with their goods.

What if instead you could just send them the item? They need a pumpjack, and a minute later they just have one in their inventory?

I've had 'gift wars' with friends on other games, just because having the item delivered right to the person you're gifting to feels so much more satisfying than a gift card.

Now, I don't know how easy (or even possible) this is to implement, but if it were an option it may be much more enticing than a gift card!

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