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Store Update 2.0


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Another store overhaul is upon us which brings new currencies, new items, and a much-improved delivery system! Currently, if your inventory is full the store will abort your transaction and flag you for manual delivery. This will be reverted back to the automated recheck system once it's implemented into the new system.

A new perk has been added for Subscribers that grants 10% off all store purchases excluding memberships!

Direct Donations
We now accept direct donations to those who'd like to contribute a one-time donation to help support the community! You'll find the option to directly donate located at the bottom of the store hub or right here. Donations are of course exempt from fees and taxes so any and all contributions are appreciated! ❤️

We now support CAD, AUD, and GBP currency conversions. If your currency is not included feel free to reach out to us and we'll try and get it added!

New Items

Price Changes
($2.00 from $3.00)

New Features

  • Sidebar navigation as well as a breadcrumb to quickly find yourself when navigating the store.
  • Currency selector because manual conversions is a thing of the past!
  • Gift cards are fully released and have quick options on the store hub!


Bug Fixes

  • Air raids now appropriately spawn the correct amount of planes when purchasing more than one in a single transaction.
  • Air raids now give the correct amount of signals to the purchaser.
  • Store announcements give the items display name rather than prefab name.
  • If more than one event is purchased in a single transaction they now get their own timer. (The second trigger sprung the first trigger)
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