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a few ideas :)


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I've seen a few other games make announcements when a player first logs into the game, whether it be a popup window you have to close or just text in the chat area.  Seems like a good idea to use it for events coming up or recently the servers migrating. sadly a lot of people i talked to didnt know even though everything is posted on the website.  Also with the issues lately with recyclers and other things not working it would be nice to not have to answer the question everytime a person logs in if they are working or not.   so it could have multiple uses!  

Also at the moment on the survival server we have a 30 min cool down before being able to teleport again. I do understand the reasoning for raising the cool down from last month, but in my experience this month if i play for 1 hour I can only teleport two times.  One being to an area away from my house and then one back, but i would not be able to explore any other area in that time.  Shorter time between teleporting would be amazing.  Or another idea would be to have decay on twig be high so we dont end up with a ton of shacks everywhere and have little or no cool down.  

other than that i have extremely enjoyed playing on the rustez servers, i joined a few months ago but it has quickly become the reason why i continued to love and play rust. so thank you as well!


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