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US Scourge Festive Winter Build Contest


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Get your hammer on! We're hosting a build contest for all players on the (US) Scourge server. Build an original winter or festive holiday-themed place and win prizes for next wipe. The build can be anything you chose: Your base, tower,  a public shop, community center or any space you choose to create that has a winter or holiday theme.


  • To enter, reply to this forum thread and include a screenshot of your build and provide the map grid location. 
  • Builds must be posted here by midnight (EST) Sunday, December 16, 2018.
  • Admins will judge contest builds and host an event to tour the contest builds between December 17 and 19.
  • Players must maintain the tool cupboard (TC) during the contest to ensure no decay prior to midnight (EST) on December 26th.   


Winner will be chosen by admin voting and prizes handed out to players during the January 2019 wipe.

  • 1st place:   $10 RustEZ store credit
  • 2nd place:    $5 RustEZ store credit
  • 3rd place:       5 supply signals


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I just wanted to post what I had been working on prior to my father's passing in case anyone wanted to come by and check it out. I'll probably start to add more things to it before Christmas comes, so I hope everyone enjoys^^

My Castle and Christmas Village~ Work in Progress^^
X: 458 Z: 1340 located in Q4 (centerish)


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Thanks everyone, Amazing!

I'll start the first public tour tomorrow (Tues Dec 18 at 8pm EST). If any of you are online at that time and would like to show off your build, try to be online between 8-9. If that's not a good match up for your timezone, send a message on Discord and let me know.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks to all who entered the contest ~~ and to everyone who joined us for a rather fun evening of build tours (pictures below). The winners are:

1st place: MDK - Frozen Lake at Q10
$10 RustEZ store credit

2nd place: Gluesniffer Porningstar - Christmas Store at U18
$5 RustEZ store credit

3rd place: smok3y4real247 - Base + Shop at U18
5 supply signals (for January wipe)


From the tour event....





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