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IDK I looked at his Huge post.  I don't see anything the warrants an Axe.  the Guy obviously types extremely fast, he might just be hyperactive but that's not bannable.   Something about him hogging loot?  Its Frist comes First Serve.  If he gets to event First More power to him. 

A Ban is questionable to me for what is displayed.  Seems heavy handed. 

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so you banned m form UK scourge....you said to change servers....i went to US server and now im banned after being in there for 3 minutes......why?....

all im asking for is another chance. i can see how strict things are. and ill be sure to adjust my actions and words accordingly. I dont want to beg for another chance. but this is my passion. my heart and soul. you can see my base and its contents after just 2 days. i wouldnt jeopardize it again


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i already have....many of them. i dont pvp....and i only do zombies....thers only 2 servers and they are not of my liking. This means i have to totally quit the game and waste all the money ive spent. the donations to rustez, the vip , and apparently th emoney i have on my account right now is also gone. including the 35 dollars i spent on the game. Im only ohere for rustez zombies. im not just saying this. this is absolute truth. If I cant have another chance with rustez then i lose everything. thanks.....even everyone else seems im being treated a little harshly. If you cant give another chance i lose everything i invested into rust. 

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well nobody has ever told me not to type like that. i type small sentences bc everytime i try to type a second sentence its cut off. spamming is warranted with a warning, in which i never got. nobody told me not to type 1 sentence posts. wheres the warning at? 

i want the admin to show the others persons dialect in the convo as well. the other guy was typing 1 sentence for every 2 sentences i typed. it was a normal convo. but your not showing that....you took his dialect out and made me look like i was spamming the whole page. thats kinda wrong.

and yes....i am an extremely fast typer.....200 GWAM. its kinda hard not to spam when i am typing my thoughts and nobody has enough time to reply faster enough bc my fingers go so fast....

i feel completely humiliated that your making me look like some kind of evil man. nobody here even knows me. Im a good man. I just did somthing i didnt know would blow up the way it did.....

nobody is perfect. everyone makes mistakes. you dont make mistakes? youve never done anything that you wish you could take away and redo? but you couldnt? im losing more than just my money, and my account. im losing my youtube content, and my acsolute passion for rustez. if i could, i would go walktz into any othe server out there. but i cant. rustez is the only zombies server. the others dont even have a launch site. and many other things...

Just think about the mistakes you have made in the past. Please know that nobody is perfect. You dont think a 32 yr old man college masters graduate like myself hasnt learned after all this has happened? Please let me show you im not the person you think i am.

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i was given 1 warning.....1.....after i said the greeting....they said not to say things like that......so i didnt....that was the ONLY warning i was given. ONE. I have no idea what your talking about "so many warnings". this is no joke....i was warned not to use that greeting anymore....i didnt.....but then im banned for saying fuck, when nobody said you couldnt cuss. and it wasnt even at anyone. it was me talking to myself bc my computer sucks. I really dont understand where your coming from with this "many warnings" stuff. And I didnt even do anything on US rustez, i just logged in and found a brand new buddy to farm with, then boom i was off there too.....I cant believe this is happening. And you tell me....take a moment...come back to this later? and then you continue by sayiing your not reversing your action. so why are you saying come back to it later?....if your not reversing the action then why dont you tell me to get lost and dont come back. throw my 60 bucks in the trash and find a brand new game? I feel im being really ganged up on and really punished severely for something very minor, especially bc it was something i didnt know was not allowed.....especially the spamming. none of this was known by me. You know im a new player. i was warned about NOTHING but the greeting i used. nothing else, in which i abided to your requests. and ive been give the harshest punishment. Not even a tempporary week long ban or anything....its perm....do you understand how serious this is? i just buy this game 9 days ago and im already throwing it away.

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well fanta, i just explained....i refuse to do PVP....and i refuse to do any pve without zombies. zombies is why im here. Theres 2 of them other than rustez servers and they dont even have launch sites or bradley. its apparent i must leave the game. good bye


P.s. Im leaving the game now, but i would like to see proof of the 4 times you warned me. i feel these dont exist. thanks and have a good year

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  • Staff

I wouldn't say "fuck my computer" is being toxic personally but everything beyond that is pretty much eye irritation. We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, which, by definition, is using derogatory remarks in any compacity. You were given more warnings than most of us would have given and to prove that please see below for details.

Before you continue just know I'm not trying to team up on you. I'm trying to give you clarity that we don't go around banning people for everything.

12/01/2018 11:16 AM

Was warned in-game (/warn) about harassment of players (player disrespect, toxicity) based on player chat Logs from 12-01-18, and instructed to contact via Discord.

12/08/2018 1:05 AM

Warned in chat for racism.

12/11/2018 9:53 AM

Warned for TC blocking another player.

12/11/2018 7:17 PM

Temp. Muted on 2018-12-11 for being toxic chat.

5 previous warnings not including the shit show today. The admins tried really hard to retain you in our community but again and again, you let them down. No one's perfect, but at some point, it's best to go our separate ways. If you're truly adamant on returning to our community I will allow you to appeal one week from today. This does not guarantee anything and only the one who put the ban in place can lift it. Something to think about, at least.

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just to let you know Death....I was warned for the in game harassment because the player came at me swearing and cussing at me.....i came back at him the same exact way....he did not get any warnings whatsoever......that was the last wipe on a different server.....then i came to UK and thats where i said the greeting in which "some" people find offensive, but not racist. then on 12/11, they SAID i was blocking someones tc....well i wasnt. I have video proof of this for you as well. i made a video. i hadABSOLUTELY no knowledge of this island or what happened on it. my tc was 500meters away from his tc. nowhere even close to it. i have all the proof. Then I was muted for saying "hush dude, i wasnt talking to you".  and "fuck my computer". None of it was directed at any player except for me saying hush. and thats something grandmas in their 90s say. i mean common death....lets face it. the only thing im guilty of here is saying a greeting to someone in which i hear on a minutely basis here where im from. not to mention on 90% of every rust server, nothing ever happens to those guys!....and the other thing im guilty of was the fight i had with the player way back on 12-01. But he never got a warning or a ban and he said even worse things than I did!. wheres his mute? wheres his ban? But i did NOT BLOCK anyones TC....this is a 100% fact. and the racism was just a greeting in which im accustomed to using. the rest was not warranted for. absolutely uncalled for. and ive brought this situation to many peoples attention. and lets just say everyone is outraged. And just a second ago, i was playing another rust zombie server, some random one....and i said nothing to anyone the entire time except a player named dkz_xsas and i was extremely nice to everyone....once again, this entire stream was live. i hvae everything on video, like i do everything i do in rust....i was banned for "being rude".....i was never rude to anyone.....the admin came into the server and asked "hey hemo why were you banned?" and i simply replied....its because i said to someone "hush dude, nobodys talking to you".....2 minutes later i was banned for "being rude".....I CANT WIN! I SIMPLY CANT WIN! everywhere i go in rust theres somone being the most toxic person in the world to me....i ask the admin to do something and they do nothing! so i am forced to leave the toxic servers....then i find a decent server like the one i was just at and i get banned for doing literally absolutely nothing. There wasnt even anyone there to talk to. Im really getting sick of the way other players treat me here, and then i finally find a good server and im banned for very silly reasons. and im accused of doing things im not doing, such as blocking tcs....meanwhile the players who are toxic to me get away scott free without any repercussions whatsoever! my whole outlook on rust all together is seemingly becoming very grim. I would like to speak to the rust executives way high up. The people who made rust and control rust. These are the people i must bring forth my video evidence to. Something needs to be done about the way im being treated by players and admins here. It seems like theres some kind of personal grudge set out against me here. a conspiracy to keep Hemo from playing rust. Its getting out of hand here....

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Hemo, just trying to help you out mate...

Take heed of Trent's advice, the words chosen by Fantana were in my opinion, intentional. I.E. they're not going to unban you that night (Wednesday) and your not welcome at that moment. Death than further enforces this and says you can appeal in 1 week, but it's at the discretion of ZOMB.

I'd personally suggest that posting walls of text, which to be honest, are difficult to read doesn't help you in anyway. The fact is you've been banned, but have been left with a 'foot-in-the-door' with an appeal attempt a week later (this wednesday) as granted by Death.

As a character reference (for you, about you). I was on the server that night and i'd say you type way to quick, and way to often. You can literally fill up the chat in seconds and are overly intense.
The 'N' word in my opinion is just wrong, i don't like it in songs or when black people call themselves it, it derives from a bad part of human history. That being said, my assumption is, it's freely used in your real-life social circle but you should have known better to use it ingame. I'd suspect you wouldn't want it visible in one of your videos on youtube for example. I'd imagine if you just said "sorry, won't happen again". That'd been it, but you didn't let it go.

On a more positive note, i'd like to see you back in the game, as a player you're fair and always want to do stuff. For example, I beat you to the airdrop in the Trainyard by seconds and you didn't contest it, instead you showed me a good hiding spot so the heli couldn't see us. In my opinion, this showed good sportsmanship.

Here's hoping for a positive appeal this Wednesday and less walls of text :)


Your friend,


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