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Website Beta 10


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  1. Improved gallery layout
  2. Improved navigation bar layout
  3. Improved site banner
  4. Improved home page layout
  5. Improved forum layout
  6. Improved news feed layout
  7. Mobile responsiveness progress
  8. Footer redesign
  9. Logo redesign
  10. General bug fixes
  11. Updated server status to reduce the amount of failed queries
  12. XSS security vulnerability patched
  13. Updated EZ Verification system for both Steam and Discord to properly fetch avatars
  14. Added discord connect button to steam module
  15. Connection page progress
  16. Server specific page progress
  17. Caps system implementation progress
  18. Added privacy policy
  19. Added terms of service
  20. Added nav menu to secondary pages ( @Mal_s )
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