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US Scourge Casino Royale: Tournament & Fun Night


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You are invited to join us on US Scourge, Friday, January 18, 2019 (8pm EST) for an evening at Dresden’s Casino Royale.  Casino night features an open “Nailed It” tournament where winners will walk away with some sweet in-game prizes and loot.

Speaking of scrap, you might want to spend some time this week hitting barrels. While people are waiting for a turn in the Nailed It tournament, players may also participate in other games including High Low, Craps, Roulette… and other surprising casino-esque games.


1. Cost to enter the tournament is 25 scrap. 
2. Maximum bet for any other game is 50 scrap.
3. Please leave all weapons at home and arrive in 2 pieces of clothing max (no armor). Bring any scrap you want to spend at the event, and basics like food and water.

Thanks to Dresden for the fantastic Casino Royale build and offering it up to use as a server event!



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Nailed It! Tournament

As you may be able to see from the sign in front of the game, the player would normally be looking to shoot as many zombies as they can with 3 shots from a nail gun on 3 spinning wheels that have 4 pookie bears, 3 zombies and 1 seven per wheel.  If a player hits a pookie bear they would normally lose their bet and would need to bet again to play. Because it is a tournament, these rules are changed slightly to allow for scoring.

The modified rules for tournament play are as follows:

  • A point system is in place: Zombies = 1 point, Sevens = 2 points, Pookies = -1 point.
  • Players will be playing against an opponent for each round.  One player will shoot 3 shots, points will be totaled and then the next player will shoot to decide the outcome.
  • If both players have equal points at the end of the round a tie-breaker round will be played.
  • Depending on the player count the wheels on the inside of the casino will be used to determine first round byes in order to even brackets moving forward.
  • The finals of the tournament will be a best of 3 showdown.
  • BONUSThe jackpot prize of hitting three 7s is still available during tournament play.  If any player manages to hit the jackpot it will be paid out at the end of the tournament with my top 3 prizes.

I can provide food to anyone who comes and will be providing a special prize to the winner of the tournament and additional prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place players.

Even after the event is over I will continue to run games and allow bets for as long as there is interest.

And I guess I'll have to roll out the red carpet for this special occasion...






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