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2 unrelated suggestions


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Given the number of new players coming through, how about some tutorial videos with transcripts for things like electrics. I know they're widely available but the inability to link people in chat is difficult. Maybe even a link on here to some choice picks from sites like Corrosion Hour, who do a great vid and transcript on how to stop your batteries constantly draining and what not. If you were willing, I could make a few vids myself available only here. I'm not a streamer or anything like that, but I can talk for days in easy language.

My other thought was to ask that you consider reducing the destruction of abandoned buildings on UK Pure PVe from 14 to 10 days.

Thanks for your time.

Cheers, Herd

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send them to youtube or ask players with knowledge :)



this is the one i prefer: charging battery while power output and if wind or sun isnt up battery takes over  (works with wind turbines also )


Edit: and lowering the decay from 14 to 10 days is still more than enough ... cause a wipe is going 30 days . this means players only need to log in twice during an wipe to keep their sh*tshag or monstrous base up and block active players from building in key locations ...

just my opinion. make your own...



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