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US Scourge February Build Contest ~ Hey Cupid!


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Get your Cupid on! We're hosting a build contest for all players on the (US) Scourge server. Build an original "Love shack" or any Valentine’s Day-themed space on the server and enter to win prizes for next wipe.

The build can be anything: Your main base, general hangout, public shop, community area, or even a themed heli tower.

Rules & Info:

To enter, reply to this forum thread and include a screenshot of your build and provide the map grid location.  Post the details early so players and admins can follow your build progress. Once you have posted to this thread, you can ask a server admin for a contest pack of decorating items to use in your build (includes sign or banner,  candles, lanterns and other stuff).

Builds must be posted here by midnight (EST) Saturday, February 16, 2019. Admins will view contest builds and offer player tours of the builds between Feb 17 and 19.

Players must maintain the tool cupboard (TC) during the contest to ensure no decay prior to midnight (EST) on Feb 19th.    


Winner will be chosen by admin voting and prizes handed out to winners for the March 2019 wipe.

1st place:   $10 RustEZ store credit
2nd place: $5 RustEZ store credit
3rd place:    5 supply signals
Participant’s Choice:  5 supply signals


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Grid Coordinate - M22

Pookie Haven is a resort and community gathering zone which welcomes all players. It provides lodging to guests, a fishing hole for those who want to claim the sea's bounty, as well as workbenches and facilities for public use. As per the name, Pookie Bears are scattered everywhere, giving Patrons and visitors a warm, comfortable feeling. At night is when this really shines (Or rather, glows) as the soft, natural light from the many lanterns give as warm a look as a Pookie Bear feels. Vendors and shops are soon to come as well as proper Valentine's decorations to celebrate the Holiday right.

There are two premium rooms for (50) scrap per night as well as a penthouse with extended facilities and benefits for (75) scrap per night. Food and water is resupplied daily in personal fridges, accompanied with personal storage and a bed while also having code locked doors set to a patron's private code. Beneath the Hotel is The Snuggly Crow Tavern which until recently served adult beverages, but due to an Aviation incident, only dispenses water.

This lavish and expensive resort is a home away from home for anyone and everyone. Even those who cannot afford a private room may gather in a designated area to lie down and relax, free of charge and with no limits.

Haven 3.jpg

Haven 4.jpg



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To celebrate the month of love and giving, we (Miniaries and I) decided to go with a red, cozy, heart theme -- dark, bold colors, for our love of wine. Introducing, the Love Bungalow.









When you enter this rustic love cabin, you're immediately greeted with cozy, dark red flooring and red rust walls. Lanterns and ceiling lights light the entire room making the space bright and vibrant the moment you walk in no matter what time of day. Furnished with red chairs and hearts signs all over to match to the mood of the moment.

After rocking the boat and having a romantic evening 😍 on the water all night, slip your boat right into the center of the main home to continue that loving mood.... Next, step off your boat with your partner and take two steps into the 'oh-so-romantic' Rust Twin-sized bed.



After you've had a solid nights sleep -- or lack thereof -- one floor up, you'll find the workspace a little less themed but nonetheless, boxes and workbenches for your every need.





Finish the day, by heading up to the 3rd and top floor and take your mini-copter out for a spin, for an unforgettable view of Pookie Bay and its night lights. 


Our second space was more of a community project gone wrong. We built it up, giving everyone a free hanger and sleeping bag where they could store their personal mini-copter. Or their extras. A bag so they could TP there when they wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn't a hit -- we were only able to fill half the hangers. And tragically, we forgot to fill the TC and when we logged one day it was in disrepair so we had to abandon it. Thankfully, we got all mini-copters back to their owners. (A special shout-out to Spittz, thanks for being a troooper and being our first tenant at Pookie Airport!)





More Photos: 






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Welcome to the Lake House! Situated on the shore in H24, our home is a lovely combination of technology and rustic design.

18A85F916F2771B7DCBD3B6DA9EF28401533B27B (2560Ã1057)A0FD23EE8A95435F07F3785CCF5E5998AE557FA6 (2560Ã1057)

Feel free to join us for our back patio cookouts. BYOB of course. And it's totally safe to plink away at our targets for funsies!

8D015D38C2F1E719BE5DE6D1E5EB63CBDF8F434C (2560Ã1057)

C72328C2B4ACE567FE54425B75E1A7D9825914D9 (2560Ã1057)

Being out on the deck not your style? You can chill in the living room and watch some Netflix. Beware: Stranger Things is on for your Valentine's feels.

F2B7917C27387562F340D6749AF9E8A63125882C (2560Ã1057)

BA084BDD1736133333FADB54BCB5EC6E827E8E6E (2560Ã1057)Or hang out by the warm fireplace! Sleeping bags provided upon request.

4B0992FE4D9F3BCADFD234DF05E02F2CF61593E8 (2560Ã1057)The Boat is available for those romantic boat outings, complete with RF auto door so you never have to get your feet wet/

475816353009B242668C7F90F3547D8BFC0EACDB (2560Ã1057)D2976D898F2C2AD6ED3D4A0C9A8935D29A6E4616 (2560Ã1057)Please message Meemzy for pricing and availablity or to schedule all of your events!

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My lovely love shack is located in f9. Has an open layout with a spacious first floor beautiful bedroom looking over a 19th century fireplace. There is a finished basement for you adventurous couple. Find us on air b and b and alway remember its not the size that matters but the way you use it.1669949085_valentinecontest2.thumb.jpg.bb8b52cdcd778ec181627a77a053b9cb.jpg1501345063_valentinecontest.thumb.jpg.9cff1e7780f98eb5a79897d0a67fa0ce.jpg

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*Sry for the repost, I didn't know how to edit my last one*

WELCOME TO VONBLOODS TUNNEL OF LOVE. If u happen to be on a boat on the NW corner, travel up the river and enjoy. Looks better at night with all the lights on. Located at H4 😍



Edited by Vonblood
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List of Builds:
Stew - Cozy cabins Q/R 22
True Apus - Pookie Haven resort M22
Dcendum (& Miniaries) The Love Bungalow & Pookie Airport M25
Meemzy - Lake House H24
Smo - Love Shack F9
Wabbit - Wabbit'sbunny Panda Shop o23
Vonblood - Tunnel of Love H4
Spittz - creepy Valentine AA7

I will host build tours Tues/Wed evening,  around 7 or 8 pm EST

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We managed, as a group of 18 to move around to all the builds and check them out. Even if you were not online, we did stop for a look if your build was listed in this contest thread. Thanks to all who entered a build and to those who joined in for the tour event.  I will add tour photos to the member gallery later this month.

1st place: Stew
-  $10 RustEZ store credit

2nd place: True Apus
- $5 RustEZ store credit

3rd place:   TIE: Vonblood, Smo
- 5 supply signals

Participant’s Choice:  Meemzy
- 5 supply signals

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