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Banned EU Pure: SilviaPipo76


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Offender 1: Forestano (Ban lifted and second chanse given to player after extensife talk about the server rules.)
Offender 2: SilviaPipo76
Server: EU Pure
Time: 23:30PM GTM+1
Length: Permanent
Reason: Raiding

Additional info:
Forestano and Silvia raided a players base, they where well aware of the rules, Silvia even pinged @Ben and @admin right before raiding to see if we reacted. They cleaned the entire base and didnt spared any troubles to do so, they even made a storage base nextdoors.

The admin team discussed this raid at lenght and decided to ban them both because of the size of the raid and how they pre planned it.

silvia final.jpg







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Hello to all first apologize for what happened and explain. I do not speak English well so I will use a translator I hope you understand me. It's the first time I do something like that, it just happened that Silviapipo76 - whom I did not know anything about - added me to his team and asked me for help to jump walls, then he told me to make the house and he gave me things, that's true.
If I did it is because at that time I thought it was very funny, I know that in this game it is normal to steal from other players and although I knew that this is a server, I thought that the server was simply configured so that there was no I hurt players or objects but not the one doing this so I was punished with ban.

Once explained this I apologize again and beg for forgiveness for this time. I give my word that it will not happen again, and in fact if I am indicated somewhere on the web where I can read the rules I will proceed to translate them and understand everything well. For me not being able to enter this server is a disgrace since I have not liked pvp for a long time and this is the only good server pve.

I apologize again for writing through a translator if you do not understand me well, I would try to do it again.

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I write again because I am afraid that the translation is not right and it seems that I am asking for forgiveness instead of offering it. The one that I apologize is I insist and I ask again that this be a warning and not that ban be forever something that seems excessive especially not having been warned. Please take away the ban. Thank you all in advance for your understanding.

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i was suspicious about silviapipo and then plopped this base near our sulfur quarry up, next day crude and lgf from pumpjack and quarry were gone . i just asked chivas and he sayd he took nothing . i didnt reported it to an admin cause the base was not secure at all. so its our fault . but why didnt you obey the server rules ? you can read them before connecting to server . we set up turrets to prevent any theft in future.

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As far as I'm concerned, I did not understand well that not raiding was a rule. I just thought that the server was configured so that there is no damage between players or damage to objects which I like a lot because I stopped playing rust because normal servers are a torment.

Now I know and I can only ask again for forgiveness and also ask that I be allowed to re-enter because for me playing rust in a server other than RUSTEZ does not make sense. At the end of the day I read that on other occasions people have been warned and nobody warned me. If someone had explained it to me, it would not have helped silviapipo76 when he asked me for help to jump the walls. Please, permanent ban with no warning it's excessive. We all deserve a second chance and I promise that if all the rules are explained to me right now, there will never be a complaint from me again.

* Remember that I use an automatic translator. I hope the translator has worked well and I understand what I mean by not coming out of something inappropriate.

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The truth is that I do not understand many things about the game, and that for many years that I have the game but is that as I do not speak English well I can not speak well with people and learn. For example, I do not know how electricity works and I would like it.
The truth is that Rust is a great game, to see if any administrator either Ben or another reads this, understands that it was a mistake and he forgives me because right now I would like to play and I can not :(

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After spending 380hours on a server you should know the rules.
-"No raiding" rule is in the server name.
-When you connect to the server there is a login screen with the rules
-You can find them on the website, and since you found the way to appeal your ban you could have found the rules on the website too.

So not knowing the rules, well thats not a valid reason for me after 380hours on the serer.

Anyway, like i told you in pm, i will let you know something within the next 24hours.

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Yes, I understand that I am not new to the server but the problem has been the language. I have always played alone with the exception of once I found someone who spoke my language and I have not seen him here for a long time. In any case I would also like to base my appeal on that I was not warned and if at the end it is decided that I deserve a punishment I would at least ask that it be for a certain time and not forever that it is something that seems excessive to me, being my first mistake and without warning.

Thanks again and I remember that I write this with a translator so I hope everything is fine and nothing absurd comes out. I look forward to the answer.

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