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Spoon Introduction


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Hello there, my name is Spoon, but many know me by my alias "Hex".

My computer used to run Rust like a charm, but recent updates took a dump on my PC restricting me to 30-60 FPS (lowest graphics) forcing me to avoid pvp. Thankfully the slaughter of Rusts optimization lead me to discover the scourge server many moons ago, where I could freely build in a secluded area and interact with other players on my own accord. The community has proven to be friendly, further growing my intentions to stay for awhile.

I currently administrate the PUBGM Discord server and the official esports support team (the staff that walk around helping players in tournaments), so my presence on Rust usually means im taking a break from work. Anyone who's interacted with me likely knows I do not speak in-game, but I am fully capable of doing so. This is because I'm always watching a movie, listening to music, or simply don't feel like speaking. Although I do not discourage anyone from saying hello, just understand a series of primitive sign language will follow as reply.

I look forward to meeting everyone.

Illustration (Team NASA Mascot) - Hex


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