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US Scourge Event - Out of Control - 3/13 8pm EST


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Hey everyone! I'm just here to promote my first event for the wipe which will be held today at 8pm EST for the first time.


Come take on the high flying challenge that is sure to get you up and out of your seat.  The event is OUT OF CONTROL.  The player who can launch their car the furthest over my big air jump will receive some great prizes as well as the second and third furthest jump.

The rules are simple:

  1. A player is given up to TWO attempts to clear the takeoff and land in the play area below.  The second attempt will only be used when a player cannot launch their car successfully on the first attempt.
  2. The jump distance will be calculated where the wheels of the car have impacted within the game area at the first point of contact.  Continuing forward by hitting the gas after landing or flipping your car will not improve your jump distance if you landed wheels first.


  • First Place - You will win a Car that can be used on Scourge for the rest of the wipe plus a little something extra.
  • Second Place - You will win 5 Supply Signals.
  • Third Place - You will win 2 Supply Signals.

More Updates To Come!

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I lost the original landing and made something a little better to replace it.  When I run the event again people are going to need to clear a little more to make it to the landing this time.



And a new starting location as well for more speed and a better line.


Uh oh...


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