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Twig Decay


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As we all know, Twig really lags the servers.

And it is mostly seen on abandoned buildings.
Therefore I propose the following idea:

Any buildings made of twig will start decaying after a while, unless upgraded.
This will cause buildings made out of twig to automatically decay, whilst not having the entire concept of decay in the servers.

Feel free to leave your idea about my idea in the reactions below!

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  • Staff

Twig doesn't cause anymore lag than any other building grade and if this were to be implemented you'd be seeing wood bases instead of twig. The twig decay model only effects new players which are the ones we try our best to give them the best experience possible to keep them playing.

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Twig buildings are cheap to build. Giving the fact that a 8 by 8 sqaure foundation 10 stories high twig building costs 20.000 wood (no windows or doors which decrease the cost). and will not decay, it makes it easy to unecessarily occupy building space and causing early lags after a wipe without any reasons. I called admins in multiple times for excessive twig buildings causing me to crash into them with my heli cause they did not render in time.

The problem is that buildings get to big and are often never finished because twig does stay. 

Making it easier for players to start building and keep playing is nice and appreciated but not if they build such big buildings and are never seen again while the building stays. 
For reference from (EU) Pure: 





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