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New share system and anti-theft improvements


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The container share system has been rewritten from the ground up introducing an easier way to share containers. Instead of commands, players will now see a "Share Container" button located at the bottom right of the container's loot panel. Only the owner of the container can share it until the new team system is released. (Release date not set yet.)

All previously shared containers will no longer be public and should be re-shared using the new system. 

In addition to the share change, we've made several improvements and optimizations to the PvE and anti-theft system. A couple of important key changes include, unauthorized players can no longer see the contents of containers by spamming the USE key thanks to a new method that returns the action before the panel is created. Lastly, a few exploits involving the loot all option has been patched.

Other Changes

  • Accessing player corpse and backpacks are now using the team system rather than friends. Everything will slowly be converted to teams and the removal of the friend system is planned.
  • Deployable's with the option to be picked up now use TC auth rather than friend checks.
  • The bug preventing players from accessing vending machines or drop boxes while too close has been fixed.


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