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Pickle Roulette (Rules and Info)


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Pickle Roulette is a fun US Scourge event where players gather to eat, puke, die and win prizes. Prizes are in-game awards, ranging from obscure items to valuable pieces of gear. In other words, winning and what you win is totally random. The only thing that is certain in Pickle Roulette is death.

Note: Please turn In-game sounds on to truly experience this event. *BLEH*

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • The event host will provide participants with pumpkins and med supplies to bring player's health, food and water to max levels.
  • When ready, each participant will take a seat in Pickle Row and be given a stack of 50 pickles to place in their hot bar
  • When the contest starts, participants chug down the pickles as quickly as possible.
  • The first person to die WINS the round.
  • Everyone then respawns back to the event and heals up for the next round!

Fun fact:  Pickle Roulette started on US Scourge during a Halloween wipe. Admins used Pickle Roulette as a way to harvest player skulls to craft skull fire pits. Admins managed to keep the motives behind the event concealed for some time – in fact they crafted hundreds of these "specialty seasonal items" before event participants caught on.





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April 14, 2019 Pickle Roulette Event:
Final Round Winners:
1st: Yurikomi, 2nd: Sigma, 3rd: Satan
Winners received weapon of choice in game. Various prizes awarded to winners of each round: supply signal, present (or) puke bag + pickles.

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