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MT ZERG (Rules and Info)


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MT ZERG is an event where players are required to rely on participant numbers and teamwork (and not good weapons/gear) to defeat the Military Tunnel. Don't be fooled: even in a large group, using low tier weapons makes this challenging.

How The Event Works:

  • Players join the event with an empty inventory and no access to backpacks.
  • Players will spawn in the MT ZERG HUT: a small build located near the Military Tunnel.
  • Gear for the ZERG is provided by admins:  Hazmat suit, hunting bow, 200 arrows, 10 medical syringes, 5 cloth bandages, and 10 pumpkins.
  • A secondary weapon may be offered -- typically a longsword or Eoka Pistol and handmade shells.
  • When the event starts all participants exit the ZERG HUT as a group and follow the train tracks to MT.
  • If you die in the Tunnel, respawn to the ZERG HUT, grab a new gear set and run back (or ask an event admin for help getting back to your group).

The goal is to clear out all MT scientists as quickly as possible, then choose a few team members to go back to do fuses and open the monument puzzle doors for the group.

For some new players, this may be your first time doing tunnels and seasoned players & admins will help you learn how to do the puzzle and defeat the scientists.

Quick Tip: in a large group blocking the door will result in teammate's  death. ;)

This is an event for fun: players are unable to leave with the loot obtained in the Tunnel.


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