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US Scourge May Wipe Challenge: MGL Zombie Popper


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Think you have what it takes to earn the title of "MVP: MGL Zombie Popper" on US Scourge?

OBJECTIVE:  Capture the longest distance zombie kill with the MGL during May wipe. 


  • You must upload a full-sized screenshot that clearly shows the MGL Zombie hit in the kill feed.  No cropping or editing.
  • You must secure your own MGL and ammo to enter the challenge.  
  • You can build towers or work in pairs/groups but only the player name shown in the kill feed can enter the screenshot.
  • Yes, capturing and posting the kill feed screen is required (see #1).  
  • Earn small MGL ammo rewards every time you post a valid challenge screenshot to this forum thread. Ammo may also be rewarded to players who participate in other Scourge server events.
  • Players will have from Sunday, May 5 to Sunday, June 02 to submit their best shot.
  • No cheating or being dishonest: You will be disqualified from this and all future monthly server challenges.

Even if it's not a winning shot, please feel free upload and share your kill feed attempts, screens of your gear or Zombie tower here for discussion. Combat logs are not accepted for this challenge but you can submit them for discussion purposes.

The Top 3 Zombie MGL Poppers will receive a supply signal to use on wipe day in June. The top challenger will also earn the MGL and stack of 20 grenade launcher ammo of choice on wipe day in June.


Check out the April zombie challenge (and winners) here:


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Going to add some useful information for those who are participating in this: Those familiar with physics will know what this is, I will add a TL:DR at the bottom.

To maximize the range (distance traveled) of a projectile given some initial velocity, theta, muzzle speed initial and final s_y dimension (height), you maximize range by evaluating the longest time of travel (meaning, the object is in air for the longest time possible).
For this to occur, it depends on those above mentioned values, but let's simplify that a bit and make an easy assumption for those not too keen on the subject,
If you have a flat line and shoot at the given angles below

You can see that the one traveling the furthest distance is not fired too high, or too low, it's fired just right. This is defined as maximum range of a projectile (google if needed).
Simply put: Firing on a flat plane at a 45 degree angle will give you maximum range assuming everything else is constant (what can vary is how fast the grenades are shot out of the gun, if there's any changes in your height, the final height (maybe the zombie is up a hill)).

The mathematical proof of this is below


TLDR: Try to aim at a 45 degree angle from the ground, you will get the furthest range. Hope this helps, see you at the finish line.

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Top 3 Zombie Poppers:
Warlord Ubba    190.4  ~ MGL, stack of 20 ammo, supply signal (June Wipe)
Shini        117.2  ~ Supply signal (June Wipe)
ansibomber    102.9  ~ Supply signal (June Wipe)

Ask any Scourge admin for your in-game prizes after the June 6th wipe!

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