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US Scourge Event: Rustopoly - EZ Edition (May 11)


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You were caught stealing, looting and TC griefing.
Go directly to Banned Camp.
Do not pass EZ GO, do not collect 200 scrap.

Get your bunny suit on and hop around the Rustopoly board (EZ Edition) with us on Saturday,  May 11, 2019 at 8 PM Eastern on US-Scourge.

Rules and Info:

  • Rustopoly - EZ Edition is played using simplified Monopoly rules.
  • Players start with 200 scrap and collect an additional 200 scrap each time they pass EZ GO.
  • Players spin EZ dice wheels to advance around the game board.
  • If you spin doubles, you spin again after completing your turn. Three sets of doubles in a row will land you in Banned Camp.
  • Players in Banned Camp cannot collect rent, build houses, or conduct trades.
  • Players landing on unowned property, servers or utilities may choose to buy the title deeds and charge rent / fees to players landing on owned spaces.
  • Collect a matching set of property title deeds and upgrade with a Pookie to increase rental income.
  • Players landing on Chance or Community Chest will draw a note from the chest and follow the instructions.
  • Taxes and fines are paid to the bank and awarded to players landing on Free Parking.



Please join your Scourge game hosts in the RustEZ Discord (US) Scourge channel 15 minutes prior to event start time. (www.rustez.com/discord if you are not already a member).

You will need to have signs enabled in Rust to participate in this event. To toggle signs in game go to: Settings > Options > Censorship (please make sure "Hide Signs" option is set to OFF.


  • Games will run 1 hour (max) and the winner is determined based on property + scrap + Pookie values at the end of the hour.
  • Up to 8 teams (max three players per team) may participate in the Rustopoly event. Teams and prizes may be adjusted, depending on total number of event participants -- or we may chose to run a  second event (with prizes).
  • Players who do not remain in the event for the duration of the game will forfeit all Rustopoly items to the EZ Bank and are not eligible to win prizes.


1st: $10 Rust EZ Store Credit
2nd:  $5 RustEZ Store Credit
3rd: 3x Supply Signals





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  • Staff

Clatter: 37+100+60+15+70        282
Dragon: 50+356    406  [3rd Place weardo98]
Bunny: 50+70+82    202
Bone: 325
Haz: 80+449       529  [1st Place Great Scotch + Free parking Car prize winner]
Blue: 438+37     475   [2nd Place TheBlueBothan, Syrvius]


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