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using /home feature @player run hotel


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right now i have the rooms setup where the bed is public so once they have the access code to get in the room they can claim it. However once they claim it.... It does not show up using the /Home TP feature.


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  • Staff

- The public access beds/bags you place for others can only be used via the respawn menu (not /home)
- Players need to have TC access to place the bed/bag on their own (to use via /home).
- Players also need to have TC auth to /home port to the bed/bag after placing it as well.

Admins always tell players that only trusted friends should have access to your TC, items and inventories for a reason. While we certainly expect players to be respectful and not loot/steal from other players (or damage another player's base/build), keep in mind it can happen if you choose to allow TC access.

If you are looking for a hotel-like public build that is a bit more "troll-proof" (and still allow players to use /home ports) try builds where each room is done with a separate TC, so players can authorize only on a TC for their room -- think cabana, lodge motel or a cottage layout. In fact, we've had some creative trailer parks in previous wipes using this layout.

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