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Mini Copter Purchase? What do you guys think?


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Mini Copter Purchasing

The /copter command is a custom mod developed by K1ltu that allows players to “purchase” a mini-copter with high quality metal (HQM) using commands in-game.  If used properly, the plugin allows players to purchase and “store” a mini-copter safely without having to worry about decay or destruction/theft by others while the copter is not in use.  Please pay special attention to the “/copter store” and the “/copter claim” command to ensure a mini-copter is protected from the elements.

Command usage:

/copter: Displays the copter plugin command help.

/copter buy: allows you to purchase a mini-copter for 300 HQM – aka. High Quality Metal (This will spawn the copter in 15 seconds close to you)

/copter claim: allows you to insurance claim your mini-copter for 150 scrap (if you destroy yours)

/copter store: safely stores your mini-copter after a 15 second delay.  You will need to remain by your copter for the copter to be properly stored. Do this before you log off so it doesn’t decay.

/copter reclaim: recalls your helicopter if you have stored it, however if it was destroyed or if you allowed it to decay the command will not work

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